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The Salt Cave Centre Pune is gaining popularity as “The Best Health Spa in Pune” and is also being called a “Luxury Spa & Wellness centre in Pune” because of its stimulating & wholesome treatments that lend a natural glow to the skin and improve hair health. We have Best Doctor For Acne in pune with years of experience and knowledge. Salt Therapy is beneficial for curing root causes of skin diseases and dermatological complaints. Wellness treatments using Salt Therapy have also been found to improve people’s skin texture by acting like natural and organic exfoliators. With regular sessions, the skin sheds dead cells, and this process also helps in promoting a balanced oil production. Wellness treatments using Salt Therapy also reduce cellulite and acne. When patients relax in the treatment rooms, the non-inhaled salt particles which land on their skin, help to maintain the pH balance and stimulate the skin’s regenerative processes. This makes skin soft and supple overtime, enhances growth of new cells and improves microcirculation.

Some of the main benefits are:

Salt Therapy also has a beneficial effect on hair and scalp. After regular sessions, people report a softer and silkier hair texture and better growth. Overtime, their overall hair health is improved. Salt therapy also boosts nail growth, helping people get healthier nails overtime.


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