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Bronchiectasis is another Respiratory illness which is affecting people in India on a large scale.
Scientifically, Bronchiectasis is an abnormal widening of one or more airways and extra mucus is collected in these abnormal airways – collecting at the “humps”. This makes the patient vulnerable to infections and its main symptoms include tiresome coughing which produces sputum leading to the person feeling constantly tired. Patients can often suffer from bronchiectasis and chronic sinusitis and they usually experience an increase in mucus discharge from the nose. Frequent chest infections are also a symptom as excessive mucus is a perfect place for bacteria to multiply. The Salt Cave Asia Pune being best natural therapy Centre for respiratory diseases offers the best Treatment for Bronchiectasis and Counted. Due to the growing air pollution and smog conditions many residents in Pune and different parts of India visit Salt Cave Asia to experience the best bronchiectasis treatment in India.


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