The healing properties of natural salt have been known to us for centuries. The Egyptians, Romans, and the Greeks all used salt extensively for its therapeutic properties – be it to disinfect wounds, settle inflammations, or to treat respiratory problems. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician who is known as “The Father of Medicine”, advocated steam inhalation from salt water over 2000 years ago! Through history, salt has been widely accepted as a powerful ‘cleanser’ and ‘purifier’, in medical and religious references.

In 1843, Polish physician Felix Boczkowski discovered that men working in the salt mines at Wieliczka Salt Mines suffered from fewer respiratory problems than the general population. He published his findings in a book called “About the Breathing of Salt Dust,” which is one of the first of many studies on the effects of breathing salt air. As his findings gained more and more recognition and acceptance, a therapeutic salt spa clinic was established within the salt cave where chronic patients started to recover with miraculous results.

Many studies have proved that there are no Side Effects of Salt Therapy. Using Salt Therapy in a controlled environment began in 1989 in Russia. This effective History of Salt Therapy inspired the conception of the first Salt Cave opened in 2008 in the UK.

Visiting Natural salt caves is not easily accessible for most of the people and to make it reach out to people from all walks of life, Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) Centers were the next big step. The Salt Cave Asia is a Natural Therapy Centre in India which is inspired by this ancient and authentic wisdom.