Breath Care

The Salt Cave Centre Pune is also a tranquil wellness space where each person can gain from the soothing ambiance and breathe easy after the rejuvenating salt treatments. It is amongst one of the most sought-after places in India for people seeking a “Unique Spa Experience in Pune”.

It is a one-of-a-kind “Wellness Centre and Medical Spa in India & Asia” as it combines ancient medical wisdom with modern relaxation techniques.


The Yoga practice of Pranayama which comprises of many deep breathing techniques has been found to be beneficial for asthmatics. With continuous practice, patients have reported fewer asthma attacks and greater tolerance against triggers and allergens. Comparatively, Salt Therapy has been found to be equally effective and with better results as it cures the root cause of Asthma from the body. It clears away stuck mucus and phlegm from the airways and in the respiratory tract and also revitalizes cells from within. With regular sessions, the patient experiences great ease in breathing and overtime has a stronger immunity and ability to fight off the triggers and allergens of the disease. When combined with Salt Therapy, Pranayama can help the patient breathe more healthily an, have greater flow of oxygen in the body and have better longevity.

The Salt Cave Asia provides the perfect setting for patients to meditate and enjoy some”me-time”. Comfortable chairs and calming music all add up to a unique experience that helps people recover faster from their respiratory, ENT and skin ailments. With regular sessions, they will notice a natural process of detoxification that lends radiance to their skin, improves hair quality and also enhances overall immunity levels which is reflected in their energised personality.


Some of the main benefits are:
– Improvement and strengthening of lung function and improvement in lung capacity
– Reduced symptoms of sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath in daily life
– Clearing of mucus and sticky phlegm deposited in the lungs
– Clearer nasal passages & airways for making breathing easy
– Reduction in further chances of respiratory tract diseases
– Strengthening of body’s overall immunity
– Protection from illnesses and builds wear & tear
– Improvement of general health and quality of life