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Work pressures, peer pressure as a teen, social pressures and a parent’s influence can cause many people to indulge in this bad habit from a very young age. Some people could be genetically predisposed to smoke while many are influenced by the glamorous, risk-taking and savvy appeal of the media to pick up this habit. However, it has been found that most people smoke to cope with everyday life’s pressures especially at work in very stressful situations.
Smoking is among the major causes of Lung Cancer around the Globe today. Cigarette smoking harms more than 80% of the body’s organs and has many ill-effects on the person’s overall vitality, immunity and personality.
Salt Therapy is very therapeutic in internally cleaning the entire intoxicated respiratory system of a smoker. Many studies conducted in Europe and UK have found that when a smoker experiences the salt laden air of a salt treatment room, it gradually brings relief from all the symptoms and discomforts of what is medically known as “Smokers Cough”.
Some of the common symptoms of Smokers Cough include breathlessness, chest pain, wheezing, fatigue, an unhealthy pallor, anxiety and confusion over simple daily routines.

Some of the main benefits are:

With regular treatment sessions at the Salt Cave Centre Pune, the patient experiences a gradual detoxification. Overtime, all the mucus that harbours harmful bacteria loosens up. The clogged bronchial tubes get cleared this eventually clears away all the respiratory passageways. Smokers also suffer from inflamed throat and lung cavities which lead to severe coughing. Long term smoking clogs the cilia which lines the respiratory tract. The beating of the cilia is essential as it allows for the stored and stuck mucus & phlegm to move upwards and can be coughed out. With regular Salt Therapy sessions, the inflammation gets healed, the cilia are revived and the smoker coughs up all the mucus, resulting in clean and clear respiratory passageways. The person also feels rejuvenated at an emotional and mental level and is able to think more clearly. The Salt Cave Centre at Pune is also being touted as a one-of-a-kind “Wellness & Medi-Spa in Pune” which offers purifying treatments for smokers to revive their health and get back a healthy lifestyle.


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