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The Salt Cave Centre is recognized as a “Premier Sportsmen Spa In Asia” with its energising therapies that improve sports performance, increases lung capacity, increase stamina and strengthen breathing patterns. It’s also being touted as the best “Fitness Spa in Pune” with “Holistic Treatments for all Athletes & Sports Professionals in India”.
Halotherapy is a great supplement to the workout regimes of all sports professionals and athletes. Studies have shown that regular Salt Therapy sessions enhance lung function, improve overall performance and also help in treating and preventing underlying respiratory weaknesses. It can also help the athletes achieve their maximum potential in any sport as Halotherapy helps them gain an optimum breathing pattern and increase overall breathing capacity. Overtime, athletes can achieve greater performance, using less breath and have more air/oxygen reserve giving them more stamina to achieve your goals and get back the edge over the competitors.
It has been observed that most athletes and sports professionals, experience an exposure to airborne allergens and other unwanted particles that cause inflamed airways and obstruct airflow. These constrict breathing patterns which can reduce stamina, bring down performance, increase injuries while training, increase the production of lactic acid and gradually the athlete is left with residual muscle soreness. Exposure to airborne problems also causes an athlete to experience dehydration, occurrence of cramps, long recovery time, increased heart rate, increased level of anxiety, low concentration & energy, and poor sleeping patterns.

Benefits of Halo therapy for athletes:

  • Maintains clean & clear airways that help in breathing deeply & fully.
  • Provides anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the whole respiratory tract.
  • Reduces bronchial sensitization.
  • Improves lung functions & breathing capacity.
  • Clears unwanted, inhaled particles from respiratory tract.
  • Strengthens breathing capacity even more, increases stamina.
  • More oxygen reserves, enhances overall performance in the sport.
  • Helps in building more air/oxygen reserves which helps them play longer even during high-pressure game situations.
  • Helps achieve goals and get back the edge over the competitors.
  • Improves sleeping patterns, promotes sound sleep even in few hours.
  • Faster recovery from respiratory illnesses.
  • Rejuvenates the entire Respiratory system and strengthens it overtime.


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