Success Stories

Smoker’s Care
Smokers Care - Aditi Khadamkar
“My father is a chain smoker, and this habit will someday cause devastating effect on his health. He is not willing to quit smoking, as he says his job is high pressure job. Thanks to Salt Cave Asia for bringing a solution for smokers. Now my father will be shielded. As Prevention is better than cure”.
– Aditi & Ajay Khadamkar (Designer, DY Patil College)
Asthma :
Asthma - Chaya P Kathale
“It was very difficult for me to climb upstairs before. Earlier, I have to take nebulisation every day for my asthma, but after taking few sessions of this amazing salt therapy, I can breadth more easily and also reduced dependence on medicines.”
– Mrs Chaya P Kathale (Housewife)
Bronchitis –
“My mother has chronic bronchitis & no medication has given fruitful results over time. I heard a lot about salt therapy here at London, but my mother was residing in India. I thought to bring here, but, then I heard about Salt Cave Asia brought Salt Therapy at my native place. Salt therapy gave me the results that I didn’t get anywhere. Now, my mother is healthy. Thanks a lot”.
– Mrs Kajal Uday Jadhav (Teacher, London, UK)
Bronchiectasis - Rekha & Achinto Mondol
“I had severe breathing difficulties since last 10 years, I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis. Tried nearly everything, but could not get desired relief. Though I knew that this condition is irreversible, I thought to try Halotherapy, because of my wife. But, to my surprise, I got the relief that I longed for a long time. Thanks to my wife and am grateful to Salt Cave Asia”.
– Mrs Rekha & Mr Achinto Mondol (Post Master, India Post­)
Sinusitis - Prakash & Pramila Wagh
“Our son was suffering from chronic sinusitis for a long time and no medication was of any help to me, later we were suggested for surgery for my son, but I was sceptical with the complications. We decided to find new and advance therapy for my son. I found Salt Therapy can be useful. After taking recommended sessions of Salt Therapy, my son is better now. Thanks to Salt Cave Asia”.
– Mr Prakash & Mrs Pramila Wagh (Parents)
Cough - Amit Chavan
“Those who suffers from cough and recurrent respiratory infections, I would suggest them to take sessions at Salt Cave Asia & see the difference, I got the results, you will too get relief in your condition”.
– Mr Amit Chavan, Entrepreneur.
Allergies - Sandeep Singh
“Every winter my son suffers a lot with breathing difficulties along with skin rash. He is allergic to pollens and dust, during flowering season his complaints shows up. It takes an iron heart to see own flesh and blood to suffer like this. My family was very worried about our son’s future. But, thanks to my friend who introduced us to Salt therapy. This year, after taking recommended sessions, my son is healthy and didn’t showed any symptoms, I am relieved now”.
– Major Sandeep Singh (Officer, Indian Army)
Eczema & Dermatitis
“I had recurrent onset of eczema. I used to take medication, which only gave me short-term relief. Thanks to Halotherapy. Now I got a complete drugless & natural solution for my condition with no side effect. My skin is very healthy now”.
– Mr Jayant Gond (Engineer)
Psoriasis - Dr. Sarika Dahifale
“We all know psoriasis don’t have any convincing solution, all we get is steroid suppression. But things get worse due to its recurrence. I decided to take recommended sessions for my mother-in-law, who is a psoriasis patient. To my surprise, my mother-in-law got relief in her condition. Earlier she used to feel shy in public and hence avoided public gathering. But now she is going places. Thanks to Salt Cave Asia”.
– Dr. Sarika Ramdas Dahifale (MS)
Breathe Care
Breadth Care - Manoj Hiwarkar
“Today, in this industrial age, air pollution is at its peak. I needed something extra to take care of my respiratory system and general immunity. I heard a lot about salt therapy, and found every word is genuine. The lung function test approves this. Thanks to Salt Cave Asia for bringing such advanced therapy to Pune”.
Manoj Hiwarkar (B.E., Simmonds Marshall)
Sportsmen Care
“High-Octane sports like football needs a high-level energy and stamina. Most important thing other than skill is diet and good lung capacity. I take care of every other things, but I used to fall short of breath. I was trying many natural alternatives, but nothing really effective. I heard a lot about salt therapy, but I thought it was only for ill people. Later I decided to visit Salt Cave Asia for consultation, where I found that I was biased. Now, I take regular sessions of recommended salt therapy, which in turn helps me to improve my game. Thanks to Salt Therapy”.
– Mr Manoranjan Dalai (Football Player)
Beauty Care
“When it’s about my skin, I am very choosy. As my flawless skin is my asset, more valuable than anything else in this world. Cosmetics of this age are good and mild, but still it’s a chemical product. Recently, after I tried salt therapy for my skin, everyone around me is asking me the secret for my glowing skin. My skin is too clear, silky, and soft now. Thanks to Salt Therapy, a natural solution for my glamour.
– Ms Payal Mon (Professional Model)