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Breath Care

Beneficial for everyone leading an urban lifestyle, sedentary work and exposure to pollution. The Salt Cave Centre Pune is also a tranquil wellness space where each person can gain from the soothing ambiance and breathe easy after the rejuvenating salt treatments. It is amongst one of the most sought-after places in India for people seeking a “Unique Spa Experience in Pune”. It is a one-of-a-kind “Wellness Centre and Medical Spa in India & Asia” as it combines ancient medical wisdom with modern relaxation techniques.


Sportsmen Wellness

Beneficial for sportsmen in improving their sports performance. The Salt Cave Centre is recognized as a “Premier Sportsmen Spa In Asia” with its energising therapies that improve sports performance, increases lung capacity, increase stamina and strengthen breathing patterns. It’s also being touted as the best “Fitness Spa in Pune” with “Holistic Treatments for all Athletes & Sports Professionals in India”. Halotherapy is a great supplement to the workout regimes of all sports professionals and athletes.


Beauty Care

Beneficial for those who want to look beautiful, refreshed and get a glowing skin. The Salt Cave Centre Pune is gaining popularity as “The Best Health Spa in Pune” and is also being called a “Luxury Spa & Wellness centre in Pune” because of its stimulating & wholesome treatments that lend a natural glow to the skin and improve hair health. Salt Therapy is beneficial for curing root causes of skin diseases and dermatological complaints. Wellness treatments using Salt Therapy have also been found to improve people’s skin texture by acting like natural and organic exfoliators.


Smokers Wellness

Beneficial for smokers who smoke in mild, moderate or extreme levels. Work pressures, peer pressure as a teen, social pressures and a parent’s influence can cause many people to indulge in this bad habit from a very young age. Some people could be genetically predisposed to smoke while many are influenced by the glamorous, risk-taking and savvy appeal of the media to pick up this habit. However, it has been found that most people smoke to cope with everyday life’s pressures especially at work in very stressful situations.



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